Cooking - Готвене
           Продукт                    + продукт
           = продукция
Water Flour Dough
Heat Source Dough Bread
Honey Dough Sweet dough
Flour Sweet dough Cake mix
Heat Source Cake mix Cake
Heat Source Sweet dough Muffins
Sweet dough Honey Cookie mix
Heat Source Cookie mix Cookies
Dough Apple Apple Pie
Dough Fruit Fruit pie
Dough Peaches Peach cobbler
Dough Meat Meat pie
Dough Pumpkin Pumpkin pie
Dough Cheese or Sausage Pizza
Raw fish steak Heat source Cooked fish steak
Raw ribs Heat source Cooked ribs
Dough Egg Quiche
Eggs Heat Source Fried Eggs
Raw Chicken Leg Heat Source Chicken Leg
Raw Bird Heat Source Cooked Bird
Raw Leg of Lamb Heat Source Leg of Lamb
Wheat (4) Mill Flour
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